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colleague, supervisor sean elsbernd. >> thank you, mr. president. my honoree today is mr. fred martin. fred, if you'd like to come forward. fred is a long-time resident of district 7, right there in the heart of the district [speaker not understood]. to be quite honest, to be quite frank, mental health is not an issue that rises to the top of a lot of district 7 concerns. i don't hear about mental health issues often at neighborhood meetings, letters, calls. but fred always makes it his top issue. and this is a gentleman who has had a very long successful business career, who has made mental health advocacy really a great part of his life today. and he has done more than just about anybody else to educate me about issues in and around mental health. he's opened my eyes, opened my ears to a lot of issues that prior to coming to the board i had no idea about. and i'm very grateful to fred for doing that. and just within quite frankly the very parochial world of district 7, i give great credit to fred for making this issue far more prevalent in the minds of the residents of district 7, helping
romney? >> it's definitely having an impact, fred, no doubt about it. today's reallies in florida are on for mitt romney but he's canceled one tomorrow in virginia beach, virginia. the same thing, jn, the vice president had a rally today planned for virginia beach that's been called. into the weekend and next week you may see more of these events canceled in the battleground state because of the storm. i've talked to campaign officials both in boston with the romney hq and in chicago with the obama hq. they say they're monitoring the situation, have contingency plans but the safety of the people in the storm's way comes before politics. one other thing fair to say, if this storm does hit and it is devastating, it could be part of the campaign. >> a live event about to be under way. we'll check back with you later on appreciate that paul. >> while mitt romney's quest for the white house, has been documented, ann romney's journey has been fascinating in its own right. in a series of interviews with gloria borger you get a glimpse of her role in this campaign. the journey of ann romn
is it for a convicted rapist to be held to visitation as well as to payment, child support? >> well, fred, in 34 states this happens. 34 states allow this. 16 states say no. the criminal sentencing judge in this particular case directed the case to go to family court and directed him instead topography make restitution, to make child support payments. so he says listen if i'm making child support payments, i want to be a father to my child, i want to have a say in education, in upbringing, and as long as i'm paying child support i'm going to do this. now one issue is can a criminal court judge direct a case to family court? that's a big issue here. but having said that it's in family court right now and he's going to get his visitation. absolutely. >> well, avery this kind of an arrangement seems to undermine a whole rape conviction. now we're saying or the court is saying that there's a relationship established between the biological parents of this child even though it came as a result of rape. >> well, there is no relationship. there's no legal relationship. this is often what we see, men trying avo
the cleveland indians in 1954. fred inglis is with us live from detroit and fred, this was the first game in which the tigers led and it felt like they had a chance late in the game, but again, the combines just had that? extra. >> reporter: they have a lot of tools here. you talk about pablo sand val, but how the national league championship series mvp. that would be marco scutaro, who is a consumate pro, and plays this game the right way. marco came into game 4 of the world series batting 2 for 12, but today, he hustled and scored on posey's hit and the guy they call blockbuster comes through in the 10th when they needed it the most. >> i'm just excited! i mean, i don't even know what to say right now. it's a blessing from above. i have to thank god for this. just for the opportunity to be in the world series, and now that we won it, i mean, i can't ask for anything better than this. >> we made pitches and our pipeline stepped up. we didn't use a whole lot in the series, but what we got used man we made sure we did some damage. >> reporter: how would you compare this to 20102010 was a
's longtime friend fred atchison. >> he could open 50 files a month in personal injury litigation, which made him a rich man. >> but nobody's perfect, of course. and for all of larry's unquestioned talents, the man carried around with him a raft of corresponding demons. >> i know he had a difficult childhood and that a lot of your personality is shaped when you're a child. >> and, as an adult, larry struggled with alcohol and women. he married and divorced several times. >> it was like a void he was trying to fill, and he never could fill it. >> in fact, from time to time larry had gone on benders and just vanished weeks at a time. and everybody would worry and wonder, and sure enough he'd show up again. >> i had a t-shirt made up once, yellow with black letters, saying "where is larry mcnabney". >> but then finally larry, well into his 40s, seemed to get his act together for real. he set up a new office in las vegas, everything clicked, possibly for an attractive of reason, as tavia discovered. >> i went by the office one day, and he said, i have someone i want you to meet. he said, this is
talked about fred davis' injury yesterday the achilles tear. he is out for the year. so that means chris cooley, welcome back, captain chaos. the guy who is the all-time leader for receptions for a tight end in the history of the washington redskins is back. of course, he is an eight high pressure year vet. i like what you said in the tease. look at as it a respite. he had about a seven, eight- week layoff to try to get back in shape. the knee was a problem in takeru kobayashiing camp. they had other capable guys but chris is now back because fred davis is gone for the year. paulson will probably get the start more than likely in pittsburgh. niles paul also. we'll find out what chris' role will be as he comes back and practices tomorrow. of course, with chris here, fred davis is out and that is a big blow. fred davis was the top option and it was a bizarre play here. really wasn't touched. that is how these achilles things happen. he is down and out right there. i saw fred after the game. he was being carted often. he said i hope to be back. meaning he is not going to be under contract a
francisco, where fans are gathering to see them take on the red but we begin with fred inglis live from detroit where a's fans cheered on their team despite a loss. >> reporter: yes, you know, losing game one of a best of five series on the road adds more pressure to the a's but this morning i talked to the players and the local fan whose seem confident about game two today. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> hit a home n. >> reporter: he has been shooting bay area sports teams since the 1970s. but this year's a's team is something new. >> besides being young this is a fairy tale story. they are amazing. this year is so special, not just in terms of the year, but in the innocence. like your first love. >> we know we are in the hunt. get away with a win today hopefully. >> reporter: fans were over shadowed by tiger nation but the park is not intimeidating -- intimidating. several players families are here for support. he has relatives in from chicago. >> mom, aunts, uncles. >> reporter: safety in numbers? >> well, we are his number one fan. >> it is not a hostile environment. it is a
'm a little busy. i'd love to be in st. louis. we're busy. >> no giants road trip for dr. fred warren. his dental office burned down in a fire last week. that also destroyed two other businesses. in san francisco's west portal neighborhood this doctor knows the important thing is that no one got hurt. he'll find another spot but he is a die hard giants fan some of his precious memorabilia that he kept in the office is ruined. >> my lincecum zwrersy hanging and the hats were in the back. they're rather messed up. >> he wore that lincecum jersey all the time and had it on at work the day before the fire. his staff bought it for him the year the giants made it into the world series. >> he had a jersey that means a lot to him. it's hard. >> dr. fred followed his father's footsteps as a orthodontist and giants fan. >> and so esh today on the same block, the father and son and staff gathered around the tv in a neighborhood bar to watch the team and after hearing about dr. fred's misfortune, the giants are happy to play ball telling us they will replace that cherished lincecum jersey. >> that is
for you. fred is in detroit and we begin with allie rasmus where something is about to pop up for game four. >> reporter: that's right. giants fans can come down to civic plaza and watch the game four of the world series on the giant 14-foot screen. they are starting to put it together. you can see all the stage workers out here and in the flat bed truck. that is the pop up stage that that big screen is going to sit on top. you will see construction has already started. >> we should see the stage. and the mobile stage. and it should be ready to start receiving video within the next two and a half hours. >> some fans with giants fever are here to get a front row seat and the brothers from union city have been here since midnight. they were here for the 2010 watch party also here at the plaza. they wanted to make sure they were back here tonight. >> it is insane. and it is an instant party in the streets. everyone was running around. banging on bus windows. it is crazy. >> madness. >> reporter: two years ago when they put up the screen, thousands of people showed up. they packed all corn
to be out of hand in this part of the city. >> giants players and coaches heading home right now. fred english is joining us now where the plane took off. do you think it sunk in for the team, fred? >> well, i think last night did sink in, absolutely torre. we are inside the lobby of a private hangar here. outside, listed as 43 degrees. windchill factor, 35. it is bitter cold out in. earlier, the giants were what i would call family mode as they kind of took care of the children and waited arn for the plane to come. i talked to pitcher madison bumgardner. he said it was too early. the night is too young to talk. they were all scheduled to leave detroit metro about 1:00 p.m. they didn't begin boarding until then. the double-decker 747 charter finally left off here around 2:20 p.m. and should arrive in the city about 4:00 pacific time time. >> of course, mark secureo, the guy who had the clutch game winning single was michael scuttero, game four to finish the 4-game sweep. the locker room at the coamerica park is very, very small. and then you add the media and the celebration, it got ve
outside after that. what is clear here, fred, and this is important in this very tight race, he says that he will live by the result, whatever it is, if that means that even if it sweeps him out of office. take a listen. >> translator: none of you should have the least doubt we will recognize the results regardless of what they are. >> reporter: and what's also interesting, though, while this has been determined by the carter center right there in atlanta saying that, look, this is a transparent system and one of the most sophisticated voting system nts world we had a locality of people worrying about who you were voting for. now, i want you to hear from another young student voting for the first time. listen to what he told me. >> reporter: you do not want to say who you were voting? >> yeah, because the vote is secret. the important thing is that every venezuelan is going to vote and make his decision. >> reporter: so it's clear that voters here still feel like they'll be tainted if they are labeled as either with the opposition or with the government. what does that mean, fred? it
to the arctic... >> they cannot fit northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere... >> hockenberry: and fred singer, the veteran scientist at these proceedings. he's a retired physicist once responsible for government weather satellites, who tells people the climate needs no help from worried humans. >> climate, to me, has become a non-issue. it's a phantom issue. there's nothing wrong with climate. it will change no matter what we do. it'll get colder, it'll get warmer. we just have to wait a little. >> hockenberry: singer says he's dedicated to explaining his theories about global warming. what keeps you going? what's your motivation? >> basically i like to see good science being done and protected. i think i'm fighting here for scientific truth. that's important to me. >> hockenberry: do you think the science is being hyped on global warming? >> oh, very definitely, yes. >> hockenberry: armed with that conviction, this team of skilled political messengers and contrarians has certainly changed the game. in just four years, the number of americans who agree global warming is man-made has dr
the heads of some of the peripheral players as well as some of the main players. >> who is fred larue in your novel? >> fred, unless you're a real watergate buff you're unlikely to know. fred larue was a man from mississippi, a republican operative. worked in the nixon white house. not a business card. no salary. did a let of work for attorney general john mitchell t fell to him during the watergate scandal to be the man to coordinate payments to the burglars, hush-money. >> this is historical fact? >> this is historical fact. larue was a soft-spoken, intriguing man. he had a tragedy in his life when he was young. when he was in his late '20s he accidentally killed his father when they were out hunting and he was an increasing figure. and i remember thinking, he had the kind of personality i wanted to think about and explore. so he becomes a main player in the novel even though he was a relatively minor one in the scandal himself. >> is' protagonist in your novel? >> i'm not sure there is a protagonist. the book comes from seven different points of view. some big people. some of them
, really a credit to them outexecuting us. >> 27-23. redskins move on without fred davis. the franchise player tore his left achilles. he's out for the season. as for london fletcher, the defensive captain who missed the end of the game, we will have an update on his condition, a hamstring injury, and hear from dan hellie later in sports. >> a couple beautiful big plays on both teams' parts at the end. >> it was hard to watch but encouraging as well. >> absolutely. >> they're always in it this way. >> thanks. see new a little bit. >>> moving again. a long project to improve one metro station finally finished, but it's just the beginning of a much larger effort. we'll tell you about that. >>> plus, the international community weighs in as talks about iran's nuclear program heat up. >>> and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. there she goes, the sun down in our western sky after a beautiful sunday afternoon. how long does the great weather last? jur complete back-to-work as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both
's county. anyway, thank you all for coming out. this is -- i wanted it to greg and fred because they are two of the best pollsters in the business. they are very, very large and the enormously high quality and well regarded. they are longtime good friends. i want to have plenty of time with those guys. just some quick reaction to what happened last night. unfortunately, i had to do a column that i had to hand in yesterday morning before the debate. it is not coming out until friday. although, i just got an e-mail from my editor who was suggesting tweaking it a little bit. i am not sure what they will end up doing with it. the. i tried to make is that unfortunately everyone tries to make everything by neary. a race is either too close to call or it is over. there is nothing in between. in going into this debate, this really was an in-between situation. president obama was a head. it was something in the swing states was probably more durable than the national numbers. and gov. romney desperately needed to shake the race up. something had to change the trajectory in this election.
annihilated, fred. i like how the school district says we're going to move for dismissal. we recognize there's a problem but the courts aren't the way to solve it. the courts, unfortunately, are the only way to solve it right now. nobody's standing up there and doing the right thing. when less than 10% of your students in middle school and high school graduate on proficient levels, i mean, come on. these students are not going to get into colleges. if they do get into colleges they're not going to be able to handle the workload there. avery talks about amount per student they spend. >> you need objective standards. you can't just say, well, that's the way it is, it's terrible. it's not money. it's idea of creating science-based teaching, a wonderful idea, to make people accountable. that's what the power of this lawsuit is all about. it's an extraordinary thing and a wonderful thing to happen. >> fred, it will open up -- >> the state school board hasn't done it. there's no alternative to this. >> the state of michigan has been moved to be dismissed from this lawsuit, acknowledging that the s
of voters reluctantly decides to let him go. joining me now, democratic pollster fred yang and bill mcinturff. fred, let me start with you. this whole election seems to be -- let me read you this tweet i got based on our poll. and i thought, boy, does this not sum it up. john p. coke tweeted this. the registered voters numbers would seem to indicate that obama can improve by closing enthusiasm, while romney needs to persuade. would you rather be obama or romney? i'm going to put the question to both of you. fred, you first. would you rather be right now obama or romney? >> i would rather be president obama. i mean, look. i think all of us, bill mcinturff and the republicans included, all of us thought this would be a close election. i think the numbers from the poll, they'll look good for the president. the right direction, 41%. people believe the economy is improving. there are other numbers, obviously, which favor mitt romney, but i think given where the economy has been, and where this country has been, to close in the last two weeks with a 41% right direction, that's a pretty good
nominated to the supreme court by a democrat? it's chief justice fred vincent or as he is known here on campus dead fred. vinson was appointed to the high court by president harry truman is an iconic college alum. they take his portrait to every home football game and other big events on campus. dead fred was there for the first thrill in the ville back in 2000 and was there last night perched on a ledge high above the hall next to john yang for that one. who is fred, baby? fred's dead, baby. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my
, fred hochberg, joins us later but first, new york columnist nicholas kristof. >> gavin: you summed up expectations of obama first term. your score card was pretty favorable except for one exception, you rated president obama in communication an "f." what is communicating selling the agenda? selling the success? >> yes and it's kind of astonishing that a president that had such oratorycal skills and such a fantastic writer has such difficulties crafting bumper stickerrers. if you think about the healthcare debate i don't think he came up with a good bumper sticker to sell it with a good message. he still gave some good speeches but there aren't really that many in his first term. it's always said that candidates, when you're running for office you speak in poetry. then you governor in prose. but the--boom's prose while governing has really felt like latin. i think maybe he has not appreciated until recently the power of bully pulpit. it's not just about announcements but winning over the public. i think over the past few years he has risen to the responsibility. >> gavin: interesting.
in panel. fred barnes executive editor of the "weekly standard." kirsten powers for daily beast. charles lane, opinion writer if "washington post." fred? >> the c.i.a. statement suggests that somebody other than the c.i.a. was denying aid. of course, that doesn't even include two special forces units which were in southern italy at the time and could have come down to help an helped at the annex. where ultimately tyrone's father spoke. from the c.i.a., al-qaeda related, i assume rebels there. my question is this. we are getting to know a good deal. the president was in town that night. it would have been in washington times, late afternoon throughout the evening. the seven-hour period. when you are making decisions on the use of the military, in combat, in a foreign country, where violating sovereignty might be a factor, the president has to decide that. it's not the defense secretary, it's not the c.i.a. director. i think the president brags about how much information they are letting out. what was his role? was he the one who decided that no help would be given? nobody would have been
come back and you know, fred's points are well taken which is for a lot of voters, the election started last night. if he is going to have a come back in ohio, it started last night. >> and fred and then we are going to open it up for the rest of you folks -- president obama one last time and beat senator mccain by seven points. now, part of it was you know, 66% of the vote among 18 to 29-year-olds, 67% of the vote among latino voters. african-american was like 95-4 or something like that and the poll has shown the african-american vote is rocksolid for the president and the numbers extremely high so lets let's just sort of assume rough parity with last time. but the question was, as you suggested the turnout levels among latino voters and i would add young voters very much questionable and when i have gone on campuses i cannot find a pulse. you saw a registration table registered to voters. there might be a couple of people behind the table to register people and nobody in front of the table registering. there's there is just no pulse there. is it safe to say that a seven-point
on that investigation. what are authorities willing to say right now? >> well, actually, fred, they're not willing to go further than what you just said. we called around to the campaigns themselves. they're referring us to police, and police are only pretty much divulging those details you mentioned. a single shot was fired. this window was shattered at this obama campaign office there in denver, and that there is a possible vehicle of interest, and not necessarily a suspect. so we'll continue obviously to dig for some more details, but right now, that's all we have coming in. unclear if that's all the police have or if that's all they're willing to divulge right now, fred. >> meantime, let's shift gears. big night tuesday night for the men who would be president in their second showdown. >> second showdown. >> that's right. we understand both are hunkering down this weekend in various ways, preparing. the president heading to williamsburg,verge verge. what more do we know about how these two are preparing for tuesday's debate? >> we expect for them to both have those same kinds of intense debate camps
austerity measures. think about spain and greece as well. we saw demonstrations just this week. fred black joins us now to help us see what this all means. fred, you think this is the best way to protect against the crushing debt problems some members are face sng why? >> well, because it seems there has been a lack of oversight in some countries, especially one of the ones you just mentioned. namely spain that actually led to a lot of spain's problems. if you look at right now what that country is having to do, they're having to pump a lot of money into their banking sector because a lot of their banks are in danger of going breek, and quite frankly, the spanish don't have that money at this point in time. this new oversight body is there to do two thing. one is oversight overall european banks, and the other thing is actually bailing these banks out, and the money that it draws from could come from the european central bank, but it could also come from the european stability mechanism. that is a bail-out fund that the euro zone has. it is a very, very important thing, and it was a lot of
champs, win one and you go to the playoffs. different things could happen. fred inglis is out there as the excitement builds. >> reporter: yes, talking about exceeding expectations, these are the oakland a's. they are not a perfect team, they lead the american league and set a record with strikeouts this year. make way too many errors but they win close games and they set and lead the major league with 14 walk off victories. 193 home runs so far. that is foin more than -- 79 more than all of last year and their pitching staff still have the second lowest earned run average in the american league. this team has more than a wildcard expectation. >> that was our goal, i mean, why would you not try to win the division. we put ourselves in a position, we could get the wildcard but we got three games to win the division. >> hands on deck thing. >> that applies every night, especially in september when you have more resources and more guys here if you have to do things differently, you can. that is been -- you know, the way we looked at it here since september. all hands on deck. >>
bicycle coalition and others. i will turn it over to the architect fred pollock to talk about the project. >> the afternoon commissioners. i am fred pollock, we are the architects of the developer. some of the graphics from your packet on the overhead, is it possible to get whole thing? there were go. in the site plan, what we have is the frontage along market street here, and 15th st. to the south.walgreens is directly adjacent. the lavender, burgundy color are retail spaces, 700 sq. ft. in size. the blue represents the residential lobby off market st., nice, formal collection, represents a bit more of a formality on market street; the backside includes the courtyard. there's a direct connection to the lobby to the landscape courtyardwhich is frame by smaller building on fifteenth street with nine walk-up flats with stoops fronting the residential street on fifteenth as well as flats on the market street building. the market street building is the bigger building, is in the 65-ft. height zone; modulated with a distinct corridor and a double height retail space, 18-19 ft. in exposure.
francisco bicycle coalition and others. i will turn it over to the architect fred pollock to talk about the project. >> the afternoon commissioners. i am fred pollock, we are the architects of the developer. some of the graphics from your packet on the overhead, is it possible to get whole thing? there were go. in the site plan, what we have is the frontage along market street here, and 15th st. to the south.walgreens is directly adjacent. the
side's strategy. >> hey, fred. foreign policies in the campaign spotlight tomorrow when mitt romney gives what his team is billing as a big speech at the virginia military institute which happens to be in a crucial battleground state. we may hear romney criticize the president over last month's killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya. >> we face a time when there is item u tumult in the middle east and other parts of america and people are asking, where is the president? president obama is in another crucial swing state, ohio. both candidates will profile seizure gats this week. former president clinton teams up with mr. obama at a fundraiser tonight in california. two days later, clinton campaigns for the president in another battleground, nevada. >> mitt is up to the task. he's prepared. >> romney's wife ann goes in front of cameras wednesday morning when she's a special co-host on abc's "good morning, america." but the highlight of the week is this week's vice presidential debate. both are preparing for their own showdown which takes place thursday in danville, kentucky. >> i'm l
. >> cupertino high is hosting sunnyvale. hi, fred. >> reporter: it's been 1993 since cupertino started 6-0 in high school football, and this is the guy leading them, and chris, this is only your third year. you changed the culture here in just three years. how do you do that? >> first off, start by asking everyone to play. we have a diverse campus and need to go out and reach every corner of the campus. >> reporter: it took time. what did you make -- how did you make believers out of some of those people? not only the families but just the community? >> i didn't leave. you know, 1-9 the first year and it would have been easy to tuck my tail and go, but i've been here for my third year. i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: you are saying you're 6-0, but tonight's game is the first reality check of the season? >> correct. fremont is a very good team and very fast and big, and we played teams last year that beat us, but we got by them, and here they are. a good test tonight for sure. >> reporter: you talk about the losses in the last couple years under your tutelage, but it's reenforcing t
. >> susan: we're going to have to leave it there. any disclosures, fred, on the stocks you talked about? >> no. thanks. great to be on with you, susie. >> susan: thanks, have a great weekend. fred cannon. >. >> i'm diane eastabrook in chicago. still ahead, is the housing market ready to rally? i'll tell you what one expert thinks. >> susie: american consumers are feeling pretty good about the economy. the university of michigan's latest reading on consumer sentiment hit a five-year high. that comes as the treasury reports the u.s. budget deficit topped $1 trillion in fiscal 2012. that's our fourth-largest budget deficit since world war two. that held wall street's gains in check: the dow rose 2.5 points, the nasdaq fell five. the s&p down four. for the week, the major averages were all off more than 2%. the nasdaq was hit the worst, down almost 3%. giov >> i think it's very hard to predict real estate prices now because the world is in such an unusual situation. there are so many ifs. and because we just recovered from the biggest housing bubble in u.s. history. so we're really in unch
technical people that had been very much involved in the redevelopment processes we had before. i wish fred would have stayed with us. but the mayor did come in and rob one of our best talents. i think fred has been wonderful to us. he left us with a very good team, good vision, and good discipline. we are transitioning as we speak. now that we have established, with the unanimous oversight committee -- we are creating a delivery team. we have divided responsibilities between our city administrator's office and our work force division in the mayor's office. i will personally be overseeing a lot of that to happen. we made a commitment. we are not going to let housing go. house and was -- the number 1 producer was our redevelopment agency. i announced at the start a housing trust fund, and invited all of the developers and housing advocates to help figure out how to create a stream of around $50 million a year to keep up with a need for affordable and workplace housing. housing is a challenge. we knew that from the start. we made the financial it commitment to make sure we take care of that.
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